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             Murphy's Creek Miniature pigs         

       Murphy's Creek Miniature pigs- Small in size huge at heart!           

Miniature Pigs Victoria

Murphy's Creek's Special Pigs!

  • Miniature pigs victoria
    Miniature Pigs call Murphy's Creek Mini's!
  • miniature pigs victoria
    Mini pigs via Tea cups!
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    Murphy's Creek miniatures working with specials kids!
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    Terry a Murphy's Creek Miniature pig!
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    Merry Christmas from Murphy's creek minis
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    Murphy's Creek Vaccination certificate
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    Murphy's Creek visits Nova Fm
Miniature pigs victoria
Miniature Pigs call Murphy's Creek Mini's!

Miniature Pigs Victoria

Murphy's Creek Miniature pigs- Small in size huge in heart!

It was back in 2009, Daryl and myself purchased Miniature breeding stock from 'Australian Companion Pigs breed by Brian Dogget'. A young male piglet from Oz Mini pigs September 2010. Over the years Murphy's Creek Mini pigs have been trying to source stock from other breeders such as The Little Pig pen, Piggy wiggy's.....We now Line breed on this farm, currently we are up to 7 Generations. Each time, decreasing our mini pigs by cms and kilo's, this takes time. Using Genetics and by Generations!

Miniature is a word that has a different meaning for everyone! A miniature pig will never be the size of a Fox terrier! The pot belly/tea cup pigs overseas, are still the size of Australian Miniature pigs 45-60kgs fully grown!

Now days, Pig permits are to be sourced if wanting to home a pig within Australian backyards....please ring your local council if unsure on your local laws!

Your miniature pig should come with a NVD Pig pass- this is Australian law, as too feeding your miniature pig or any pig SWILL feeding is Illegal.

Your miniature pig should also be Desexed, as this will help when your miniature pig becomes sexually mature!

Fact: a Female pig cycles every 3 weeks until she is pregnant.

Fact: Pigs need vaccinations so purchase your pig with confidence that he/she has received their pig vaccinations, such as Erysipelas, Eryvac, Leptospirosis, Dectomax, and M.hypopneumoniae vaccinations just to name a few!

Fact: A Pig breeder needs a Planning permit to breed pigs! We a not breaking the law!

Fact: Think Labrador when think Miniature pig

Fact: A fat Miniature pig will lead to Health issues such as Arthritis and heart failure.

Fact: Ask yourself "Why do you want a pig"? and "what are you going to do with your pig"? "Do you have time to train your pig"?

If you answer all these questions, then you better ring Murphy's Creek Mini's...for a unique, fun mini pig! Call Deb 03 54387251 Go to Miniature pet pigs sales